7. Be the light walks upon the water

Have you ever looked at sunlight dancing on top of the surface of a lake, or had the opportunity to open your eyes while underwater and watch as the rays of light stream down gently and peacefully and perfectly into the depths of the darkness of the water? If you have, you are lucky. If you have not, you may be missing out.
Observing how light interacts with water has taught me a valuable lesson. Light does not get caught up in whatever peace, or chaos the water may be experiencing. It simply shines and reflects and pierces through the surface all while maintaining it’s own shape and radiance.

To become a sorcerer in a world that often seems chaotic and and ever changing, one must visualize themselves as this light that “walks upon water,” yet at the same time, can piece down into it while still remaining its own shape and radience. When the dark waters of chaos come, show it steadiness and light on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual (cellular) level, but don’t be pulled into its current least ye drown.