Make Time for Self Reflection and Learn to Let Things Go.

Sorcerers take time each day to scan their bodies for any negative, dark emotions that may be holding them back from having the best day possible and then they visualize it away, much like how someone would feel grit on their teeth and decide to brush. More often than not, people are great when it comes to daily physical care and hygiene, but many don’t think about their emotional hygiene. Think about what would happen if you didn’t shower or brush your teeth daily. UGH! Well, the same thing happens emotionally. The more dirt and grim you accumulate, the more messy your emotions will be. The only difference between sorcerers and non-sorceress is that their mental and emotional houses are clean and tidy through daily or weekly reflection. This can be done on one’s own through daily mediation or with the help of a counselor or other trusted
spiritual advisor.