It’s a Relationship –

Once you are aware that there is a force that runs throughout the Universe, and you believe that it does exist and that all things are possible, it is time to start developing a relationship with that force. I remember having certain thoughts as to what I thought that relationship was going to be like. “Spiritual” “Holy” as if it was something almost out of reach. Yet, I found it mirrored almost every other relationship I’ve been in. It started off blissful, then reality hit. I fought with it. I wrestled, and eventually we came to an understanding. There were times I was surprised – you’re actually funny! And like many other relationships the Universe wanted to push me out of my comfort zone in order to help me grow – you want me to do what?! In the end, I learned it is a symbiotic relationship. The Universe wants things done to help it’s people and all living things. We want certain comforts and life styles. And I found that if I just surrender to the relationship, listen to the Universe, not just talk at it demanding things from it. I often found that when I am living out my purpose, doing what the Universe asks me to do with the time, energy, and talents I have, life just seems to flow and I do being to experience that joy and peace that goes beyond all human understanding. Yet, if I constantly fight with it, just like any other relationship, life seems to be a struggle. As we appreciate each other we do more for each other. For people want to do and give things to the people they love, not because they were forced to or were expected to be obedient.