Becoming a Sorcerer: Step 1 – Believe!    

When we are little it seems as if the world is a magical place. Mystical creatures, and people, do exist. We seem to not see the humanness in those we love. We see only their good qualities. And then, somewhere along the way, we loose that magic site. We figure out that our parents are, more often than not, the magical people we have come to believe were real. We start to learn that those we love and trust are human, and at some point, we start focusing on all of their flaws rather than their good intentions. What I tell my sons, when it is time for them to realize who is really placing the Christmas gifts under the tree, is that Spirit is like the wind. It is felt, but can not been seen.   It has no shape, no hands nor feet.  And so, we must be that Spirit. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.  Oh, it does!   But sometimes in order to understand it, in order to begin to form a relationship with it, we must give it a face and a name.   Spirit reveals itself to you in a way that make s sense to you. Some call this Christ, others Allah. Some see Spirit in the hundreds of thousands of various forms it can manifest into. Some see it in nature. Some call it Chi or life force. Others see Spirit as quantum energy. Some see it in the form of highest human potential, and some can’t see Spirit at all.

The first step in becoming a sorcerer yourself  is to see the ultimate source, and to stop fighting about what we call it. Simply start developing a relationship with it by getting alone in a place that is comfort and sacred to you. Then ask, are you here?  Then, see what comes.

The problem I have with most people talking about “just mediate,” is that they never address the fact that when some people mediate, they do not always see or feel positive things. In fact, at times, they may feel fear and see shadows. That’s why I encourage you to continue to read the rest of the steps I’ll be posting over the next several days and weeks so that you can work past the shadows in order to consistently see and feel light and love.