What if I told you that you had a lot more power over your life than you may have originally thought? What if I told you that you have the power to bring fourth the life you truly desire and dream of if you were willing to follow fifteen steps? Would you do it? Would you open your heart and mind to the possibly that this could indeed be true?

When I was younger, I used to think that this world was a random game of chance. That life was about what was happening to me, rather me happening to life. Then in 2013 I was asked to experience my own Dante’s Inferno, my own What Dreams May Come. I literally went down into the pit of hell, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually only to climb out and not only see the light on the other side, but actually begin to feel its warmth and see its promise. And like anything new that someone is trying to see, learn, and figure out, there were stages I had to go through before I finally believed that I could in fact, become a sorcerer.

A sorcerer is someone who can obtain something from a particular source One thing that people must keep in mind, when it comes to being a sorcerer is that you are more like a faucet in which the ultimate source flows through, rather than the ultimate source itself. This source has come to have many names: life source, chi, The Divine, God. Call it what you want, it does exist and it permeates throughout all things, even you.
This is the first step in becoming a sorcerer yourself. The rest of the steps and stages are just as awkward and unbelievable as believing that magic can and still exists in this seemingly broken, and often frighting world. And yet, sources continue to thrive and their legacy lingers long after they are gone and we the lucky benefactors of their vision and efforts. Now we just need to take the next leap in believing that we could possibly be one of those people ourselves.

Join me over the next several days and weeks as I specifically outline the stages sorcerers go through and how they become to become the source themselves.  – Jennifer –