F – Find the File You Need
I – Integrate When Possible
L – Live in the Now

One thing that I have come to understand it that the only reality I can be sure of is the one I am experiencing “now,” the reality of each moment that I am a part of. Sometimes I have no problem accepting and performing a role in a “now” that I am a part of, but when I am in a different role, and I flash back to another reality, I can
experience cognitive dissonance. That is where compartmentalization can help. If I consciously stay focused in the reality of each “now” that I am living in and work on only the tasks of that role and reality, I begin to experience more harmony and happiness and less cognitive dissonance. Now, with that said, I don’t mean we should never reflect upon our experiences. In fact, during SORT, the T stood for Take time to reflect each day. But again, I only allow myself that one time during the day to reflect and revise, which, in itself is still compartmentalizing because I only allow myself a certain amount of time
during my day to play the role of reflector and revisor.