Our topic the last several weeks has been focusing on compartmentalization: what is it and why do it?

F – Find the File You Need
I – Integrate When Possible


Compartmentalization is used for those who have a hard time integrating all aspects of themselves into one person. But just like anything else, compartmentalization can be used in a good way, and it can also be used in a not-so-good way. Criminals, for example, often use compartmentalization to separate their immoral behavior from their every day lives. So it is important to know why you are using compartmentalization. That’s where the questions we asked ourselves back in “take your time” can help:

Is this experience making me, and others around me, more or less functional? Does this activity also bring others around me more energy and joy or make them more clam and content, or does it make them agitated?

More often than not people want to interact with a person who they recognize and know. They want to interact with someone who is consistent, not constantly changing.
Integrate, when possible, is simply stating that no matter what role we are playing, there are some things that should be consistent with and apply to all roles. Being honest and truthful, showing compassion and respect, using wisdom and discernment, for example.

While there are some activities we want to keep separate, showing too much or inappropriate affection for example, there are others we want to keep consistent. Consistency builds trust, which is essential for all relationships in all roles and responsible we perform and experience.