This month join me as I introduce the concept of what compartmentalization is, how it works, and why some people should do it.

Topics we’ve already covered: SORT

S – See multiple realities and roles

O – Organize your

R – Rooms

T – Take Your Time


If sorting was how a person compartmentalizes on a larger scale, FILE is how the person actually compartmentalizes when they are in a moment.

F – Find the File You Need

I’ve seen a trend in recent years of mixing business with pleasure. I’ve seen benefits such as a higher job- satisfaction rate, but I’ve also seen it be just as disastrous leading to uncomfortable working situations. Finding the file you need is similar to the old advice, “don’t mix business with pleasure.” Whenever you are about to walking into a building, and particular room, find the acting file you need to perform the role in that room. In fact there has been a trend in teaching to keep all of the students’ needed materials in the classroom in which they need them, so that they don’t get mixed up with all of their other subjects. If we take this idea into building compartmentalization into our own lives, we can literally leave gym clothes at the gym. A wife who has a hard time being intimate in her home, could schedule a monthly or bi-monthly rendezvous with her husband to a hotel. We can leave work colleagues at work, and have closer friends that we have other experiences with in other places, and so on and so fourth.