Compartmentalization can help ease cognitive dissonance. Join me as I teach people the steps on how to compartmentalize using my pneumonic device: SORT & FILE.

S See Multiple Realities

O – Organize
R – Rooms

Once you begin to recognize the many roles you play in various situations and realities, image yourself as a house and your roles as the rooms within that home. Each room in our homes are created for different purposes. Some of those purposes are created to entertain us, some to calm, some to clean, and others to communicate. The different roles and realities that we experience each day serve a similar purpose. In order to achieve top functional physical, mental, and emotional health, we need to balance out the roles we play and the rooms in which we play them in. For example, when people to go work out, the area transforms to match the activity they are performing, whether that be a side walk to run on, a dojo to fight in, or a room filled with electronic and other equipment that will challenge our endurance and strength. When we go into those rooms, we wear clothes that will match that experience. And when we are done, we clean up and change our appearance to match the role and room that we will be headed next. Some of these transitions are easy and do not cause cognitive dissonance. Yet society shames some people for playing certain roles that have nothing to do with their ability to function and perform other roles in other social rooms, so to speak. People who are gay or who like to have sex are a danger when it comes to working with and being with children. I belief that if we allow those people to satisfy those desires in other rooms with other people who like to consent to those actives, they are much less likely to bring those roles into other rooms with people who it would be inappropriate to perform those actives with and/or with people who do not consent. Seeing ourselves as multidimensional human beings who perform many roles in many different places not only helps satisfy our own wants and desires, which lead to optimal physical, mental, and emotional health, but it also unites those who wish to share in the same experiences as well as separates those who do not.