Compartment (Noun):
A separate section of a structure in which items can be separated from others.

Compartment (Verb):
to separate into sections.

Cognitive Dissonance (Noun):
a state of having inconsistent, or opposite thoughts, which leads to disharmony of the mind and emotions.

Compartmentalize (Verb):
to separate inconsistent, or opposite thoughts, into separate sections from others in order to avoid cognitive dissonance.

People want consistency in their lives. They want their ideas, thoughts, and opinions to match, to be the same in every situation they encounter. In the past, this may have been easier since, more often than not, one’s world view tended to be limited to their area of living. More often than not, people tend to stay with their “tribal groups,” so to speak. The people who look, act, and think as they do. Hence in most interactions, ideas and thoughts and options match. And when they don’t, that’s when people tend to leave their “tribal area.” In the past, someone would have to do this physically. In today’s time, all one has to do is turn on their smart phone and they can be instantly carried to any part of the world, or the net, that has different ideas, cultures, and beliefs than the ones a person was raised with. Many times this is a good thing. It expands one’s mind and gets a person to see things from different points of view. Other times, this can cause mental and emotional distress. In either situation something must change, or be eliminated, in order for a new way of thinking to emerge. So how does one know what beliefs and ways of thinking are beneficial vs. harmful? SORT FILE, and Function.

Join me over the next two weeks as I reveal what SORT, FILE, and function is and how the acronym can help you!