Over the last several months, I’ve developed a theory that the more trauma, or brokenness a person experiences, the more likelihood that they are to experience conflicting thoughts and emotions. These conflicting thoughts and emotions can then cause disharmony in the mind and body and leave the person in quite a state of distress.  I have also observed how having instant access to world ideas and events is beneficial in that it expands our minds and perceptions; yet on the other hand, this same expansion can also lead to conflicting mental and emotional states as we begin to ask ourselves, what is right? what is wrong? what is normal? Seeing things from only one point-of-view, and determining that point of view as being “right,” is one way to handle the dissonance, but there are many people who are coming to the conclusion that multiple views can be correct at the same time, even if they seem to not align. I know I have experienced this disharmony in my own mental and emotional states as I begin to see different points of view and ask myself, which one is right? Over the past few months I have begun to learn several techniques of how to answer such a conundrum for myself, the main one being compartmentalization. Join me over the next few days as I begin to answer: what is it? why do it? How to do it? And finally, what are the benefit is of it?