Responsibility: (Noun) – something you have. In this case, control over some part of your own life.

From the time a children are two years old, they can begin to have control over some parts of their life. Whether it is picking out their own clothes, putting away their toys, or being able to occasionally choose what they want to eat. As children get older, they want more and more control over their own lives, as we all do.
I used to think of myself as a fishing-pole parent. I gave my child a lot of slack, but if he screwed up, I’d real him back in. Reflecting upon that now, I am not sure that was the best parenting style. If I had to do it over again, I may consider stock-pile parenting. I envision stock-pile parenting as having a large stock pile of resources and experiences behind me that the child sees and wants. I let the child choose one item from the stock pile, and see how he, or she, does with that item. Do they treat it well? Do they use it wisely? And after several weeks of having that privilege. I would dole out another stock pile item, until, one day, the stock pile is all behind them.
One complaint that I hear from the current young-adult generation, is that they don’t know how to adult themselves. I believe this is because the current generation of parenting, which many refer to as “helicopter parenting,” has done everything for them. By becoming stock-pile parents, the release of responsibility is done carefully, consistently, and sets a child up to become a successful adult.