Intro:  This month I am previewing a book I am working on Inspired Parenting. And even though this blog post is directed towards parents raising children, it can really apply to, and for, anyone. 🙂 – peace- Jennifer

The Key to Happiness is Balance

A balanced schedule includes taking care of one’s physical health, mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health:

Physical health: scheduled activities that allow the child to be active. Encourage healthy eating habits by packing healthy snacks and eating healthy meals together.

Mental health: The brain is also a muscle that needs to be worked. Give the child a place, space, and time when they are expected to work on their studies.

Emotional health: Allow time in the child’s day when they can connect with friends, but also don’t forget family time as well. Schedule time daily to touch base to see how the child’s day is going. Ask: who are their friends? What’s happing in their world? And don’t forget to take time to share what is going on with yours as well.

Spiritual health: Either through daily, or weekly religious events, or through a scheduled daily relaxation time (such as scheduled meditation), schedule a specific time and place where the child can reflect upon their moral and spiritual development.

Keep in mind that a kid who does not have structure in their day, or anyone checking in on them, can end up in places parents dread. On the other hand kids who are over scheduled have no clue what to do with a day off, which can lead to panic in itself. Also if kids feel too pressured to perform and be perfect, they become overly stressed which can lead to depression. So the key to a happy child is a balanced child.