Intro:  This month I am previewing a book I am working on Inspired Parenting.  

4. Setting Expectations

Setting expectations can be a hard and tricky subject. There are times when parents try to force their expectations upon their child and when the child pushes back against those expectations, friction can occur. The truth is even though you created them, they are a free-willed human being who is also in the process of creating themselves. Sometimes our values and vision for our children, and their values and vision for themselves will align. Other times it will not. How does a parent navigate this tricky conundrum?

One thing I have found that does work is to find a common, safe time and space ground and work from there. Difficult, or deep thought conversations should not be made in the heat of the moment, but rather when both parties are calm and actually participating in an activity they enjoy doing together. This safe time and space ground is where I found I can make the most movement when it comes to sharing my hopes and dreams and values and visions with my child as well as listening to and helping them form their own. enhance