Intro:  This month I am previewing a book I am working on Inspired Parenting.  This week I will be briefly discussing the different developmental stages children go through.

Two to Seven: Me & Mine

Around two years old each child begins to develop a distinct personality. And to do with that personality, they also seem to have developed an unending supply of energy to go with it. As a parent, I seemed to be in the best shape of my life when my children were two. My arms were well defined after carrying them around everywhere in their car seat. My endurance for cardio increased because I was always chasing after them after they discovered they could run and tear everything apart in order to discover more about what it was. And in that discovery, they also seemed to be able to the word, “mine.” Sometimes they would ask, “mine?” In which they learn the meaning of, “no.” Other times, often followed by a no, they would way the word, “mine!” At this point they seem to understand that certain boundaries and limits are placed upon them which they begin to test, which often lead to time outs and other consequences. But the boundary testing is simply a way for them to continue to discover who they are and how they, do, or do not, fit into this world. Then we as parents must ask ourselves, what boundaries are we placing upon our children and why?