Intro:  This month I am previewing a book I am working on Inspired Parenting.  This week I will be briefly discussing the different developmental stages children go through.

Birth to 2: Building

From the time our children are born, until they are about two-years old, their bodies are busy building. This building process requires lots of sleeping, eating, and practicing. Processing communicating their needs and wants. First through crying, then later through learning language. They look to you for all things: shelter, food, safety, love…

While there are many challenges at this stage in parenting, exhaustion from lack of sleep just being one, managing a fragile immune system, teething, and doctor’s appointments, in some aspects this is one of the easiest stages. You put the child down where you want, dress them how you want, etc.. Basically at this point, they are still yours and you have full control over all decisions. But soon enough the days of testing boundaries, and beginning to develop their own personalities, will be just around the corner.