The state of our moods are often dependent upon the characters, or actors, that can be found within the setting the child find themselves in. Quantum theory states that an object changes based upon who, or what, is watching it and this most certainly holds true for people, especially children. We’ve all seen it. People, and children, change dependent upon where they are and who they are with and where they are. A child who is at Disneyland, or Six Flags, or a party with their parents or friends, is often in the excited state. When people are with strangers, more often than not, they try to be on their best behavior state. More often than not most people will be in an average state, or what I referred to yesterday as the zero point state With that said, emotional states can fluctuate just as rapidly, or slowly, as the weather or seasons.  The question then becomes are you going to control how you feel by controlling your environment, or are you going to let it control you?