When someone is angry chemicals in their brain literally shift from the rational part of their brain (their ability to think clearly and logically), to the irrational part of their brain (their inability to think clearly and logically).  So, what are the signs a child (or person) is angry and how do you deal with them when they are in that state?

The Angry State: The younger child is probably having a temper tantrum while in this state. Screaming, foot stomping, slamming things– total drama. The older child is probably either yelling or giving you the silent cold-shoulder, writing angry things or saying even fowler things about  you to your face or under their breath.  When this happens, their brain literally goes into a chemical irrational state that takes 30-60 minutes to reverse. DO NOT attempt to talk or reason with them when they are in this state. Leave them alone, if possible.  If they are a treat to themselves or others, get help.  Remove those who are in harms way, and remove harmful objects from the area if the angry person is trying to harm themselves. Once they cool down a bit, you have two options. Option one: take a time out from each other.  Option two: stay with the person, but don’t talk to them. Just be there.  You’ll know the child is ready to process with they come and start talking to you. If they don’t come to you and two hours has passed, then you can try to approach them, but only do so if you yourself are in a calm nonjudgemental state.