Content: This child is calm. Perhaps they are drawing or participating in some creative activity. They may have a slight smile or a peaceful look upon their face. The real sign that someone is truly content? They may, or may not be listening to music, and they are signing or humming along. A truly content person will produce this singing or humming themselves.
The Excitedly Happy State: Some part of this child’s body won’t sit still whether it is their entire body or just their mouth. The excitedly happy child won’t stop talking or moving. In fact this child is using so much energy that its not uncommon for someone around them to start to feel their energy drained. As a parent I’ve always experienced a conundrum whenever I’ve been around a child like this. First, my heart is happy that they are happy. Second, it can actually get annoying and energy draining after a while. Often times I will communicate with that child how I feel, or take them somewhere they can let that energy loose and that helps both of us solve the over abundant energy crisis.