“Not because I am the greatest or best parent, but because I’m not” – Jennifer Engel

Whenever I experience something exuberantly joyful, or exceedingly painful in my life, I sit down and write. If I am being honest, I write first to help myself heal and understand the situations and experiences I am going through.  I share my writings, because as many teachers often say, no question is too dumb. If someone has a question, or an experience, more often than not, one or many others may also have the same question, thought, or experience.

I share my writing because there is no manual for parenting. People are just left to figure it out. But I also believe that when we  are brave enough to share our stories and experiences, we can learn from each other and hopefully create better stories and experiences.
There will never be a one and one manual for how to be a parent because parenting skills have to adapt and change as rapidly as society and technology does. There will always be new and uncharted territory that no parent has ever been through before.  But if there is one brave captain that is ready to forge on ahead and share what they learned along their journey, and if he or she runs into another ship captain who is also willing to share their tale…soon we might have a whole fleet of parenting ships ready to join together and sail off together into uncharted waters.

The lesson to be learned is  this: Anyone can face the unknown as long as they know they are not alone, even when it comes to being a parent.