Energy travels at the speed of light; therefore, so do thoughts and visions. Seeing what is possible in our minds tends to be years a head of where we actually are now, which can be a more than frustrating experience. That’s why a person must learn to make peace with the process of going from having an Inspired vision of what they want their life to be like vs. the reality of what it like is now.

There are four tips and tricks I have learned that have helped keep me focused, even on the bad days, when it seems as if the Inspired Life I’ve been dreaming about would never arrive:

  1. Ive learned to be happy with what I have now, while attempting to obtain the dream life I desire. I do this by keeping track of what went right during the day, rather than focusing on what went wrong. I have also seen friends of mine start a daily gratitude journal that they post on line. I think this is a great idea. This adds a layer of accountability similar to that of making an appointment with a friend ,or personal trainer, to work out, rather than simply relying upon ones own self to get to the gym.

2. I’ve put as many positive daily habits on autopilot as possible: write, check and delete and store e-mail, spot clean and pick up, daily grooming, daily exercise, work, family time, etc. I schedule it all and (more often than not) complete each task at the same assigned time daily. This may sound boring, however, it is a life saver on the days when I may be feeling down. On down days, when I don’t feel like getting out of bed, I say to myself, just as she has always done. And you know what? If I can at least just complete the first step of getting out of bed and starting my daily routine, more often than not, I find my mood lifting as I start completing tasks on my daily agenda. It makes me feel as though I have purpose, and having a purpose, I have found, creates energy and a positive state of mind.

3. Make time for reflection part of your daily habits that you put onto autopilot. I know I keep brining up this idea. I keep repeating it because it is one of the major keys that can unlock the door of your vision to allowing you to walk through that door into the life you aspire to actually live. Every morning I create a post-it-note of what I want my day to look like and what I wish to get done. Every evening, I highlight or check off what went as planned as well as what did get done. Then I give thanks for that. Next, ass I go to bed in the evening, I envision deleting what didn’t’ go right and rewrite the story for the next day because that is all a day is, a story, and like any story, it can be rewritten and revised.

4. Make peace with the fact that the process never ends. Obtaining and actually living out the Inspired life you desire is a lot like those silly games that can be found on smartphones. Each time you figure out how to beat one level, there is always another level to beat. These silly smart phone games now have hundreds and hundreds of levels to beat, which seems to never end. If you see obtaining your Inspired Life as a multilayered, hundreds of level game, you’ll be able to start developing the grit, endurance, and patients you’ll actually need to obtain it.