The Universe gives back to you what you are putting into it. Therefore there are only four questions that need to be asked when trying to make a determination:

  1. Does this bring happiness? Does this bring me and others joy? Yes? Great! move onto question two? No? delete it or don’t do it.
  2. Does this give me less or more energy? If it gives you more energy that will enable you to get more done, great. Keep it. If not, delete it or don’t do it. Now, with this said, there may be days your body just needs to rest. That’s okay. Give your body time to do that. But if that day, or days carries on into weeks and months, then really analyze what actives in your life is robbing you of your energy.
  3. Is this bringing me closer to the life I dream of living or father away from it? If closer, great! Keep it. If farther, delete ir or don’t do it.
  4. Does this align with what I have said are my top three to five priorities in life? Yes? Great! Keep it. No? Delete it or don’t do it.

If the universe gives back to you what you are putting in, you want to give and get back as much positivity and happiness as you can, which will in turn get your closer to your own dreams and goals.