Tip two: Look for the miracle in the mess before you clean it up.
Many times emotional messes that occur in one’s life pop up for the intended reason to teach the person who is experiencing the emotional mess a lesson. And the lessons is often trying to be taught is that the person experiencing a major life change or disappointment is the miracle that can be found in the mess. Insights about who we are and what type of character traits we currently have and/or need to develop are often the miracles we find. Cleaning up emotional messes takes bravery, trust, endurance, communication, effort, and grit.


It is easy to be brave, trust, and act when things are easy, but it is difficult to let go of fear, trust, and act when things get difficult. During these times of mess, one may find they have more of these traits than he or she realized, or the person may discover one or more of these traits or lessons is something they still need to practice working on. So, before cleaning up the mess, look for the lesson, the miracle that is just waiting to be found during the clean up process.