Society often consumes and produces as much mental and emotional garbage as we consume and produce in real life. Sometimes I believe people are addicted to this drama so that they can feel alive. Let’s face it, every life can be boring—same job, same routines day after day after day. Life needs a little excitement once in a while. And like a child in the classroom who doesn’t know how to get attention unless they act out, we create drama inside of ourselves, or sneak away into hidden corners, to consume it and participate in it through social media. This trash we collect into our minds ends up  affecting our emotions, and if we don’t take that trash out once in a while, it starts to turn into an emotional toxic landfill.
We all have inner worlds that we escape into when the world gets to be too much, and we each have the power to design and create what those worlds will look, sound, and feel like. Most of the time we create these worlds on accident, rather than being specific and strategic about it. There are six tips I have found to begin cleaning up the toxic emotional land fills that I had created within myself that I’d like to share to see if it could also help others.

Author’s Notes: Join me over the next six days as I publish one tip per day.  Peace and Blessings!  –  Jennifer –