An Inspired life comes from first being aware of how the outside world is influencing your inner world. If you want to build an Inspired inner kingdom, you can’t use toxic building supplies.
Sometimes people who have a toxic inner kingdom don’t even realize that they are only adding to their emotional land fills by what materials they are taking in and allowing into their inner world. For example, when people get depressed, they tend to listen to depressing music and hang with other depressed people What they really need is an antidote. The opposite of what they are thinking and feeling.


Ask yourself:
Is my inner world a toxic landfill, or a carefully constructed place that I love spending time in?

If you answered that it is a toxic landfill, do not worry. It may take time, but internal garbage can removed just as easily as removing the garbage from a home.
You simply have to envision doing so. And in the empty space that is left behind, insert something more carefully constructed.