Author’s Notes:  As I went back through my writings, I noticed that while I was beginning to post how to achieve an Inspired Life, I never defined what it was.  So today I am going to go back and do that.  Join me the rest of the week as I continue writing about how to actually achieve living an Inspired Life. 🙂  And thanks for reading!

What is Inspired Life?

Inspired (Adjective): Arising from an internal,
creative impulse, hunger, or craving.

Life (Noun): The feeling of being alive.

Synonyms for Alive (adjective): alert, active, and energetic.

An inspired life is a life that is craved and longed for.  Once it is achieved, it produces the feelings of being alert, active, and energetic. It comes from internal desires that eventually become displayed and a part of reality, which then become habits that produce positive outcomes and feelings for yourself and then for others.