3. Autopilot Positive Daily Habits.
Once you hear the answer, and receive ether first piece of information, of how to begin living your Inspired Life, the next step is to put that information into action.
Habits are actions we form so that we don’t have to relearn new information daily. They are the actions we put on autopilot. Like anything in life, some actions we have on autopilot help us reach our goal, while others hold us back. That is why scheduling time to mediate on what in your life is helping you, and what is holding back, is so crucial.
Of course there are many skills that are useful to already have in place for living an Inspired life: daily hygiene, chores, exercise, eating a balanced diet, spending time with family and friends. In addition with putting those habits on autopilot, if you haven’t already, one should also put time to reflect on how all the above are either helping you get closer to living your Inspired Life, or which of the above habits are causing you walk further away from living your Inspired Life.


Autopilot are simply habits we form and complete without needing to think about how or when to do them. We just do it, as the name says, automatically.


I have put reflection, or mediation, on autopilot two times in my day. Once in the morning before the day begins where I ask myself questions such as: what would I like to see in my day today? How would I like my day to play out?


The other time I have put time for reflection on autopilot is that moment just before I am to fall asleep. While drifting off, I ask myself, How did my day go? What went well? What didn’t? What can I delete from my daily habits that are getting me further away from living my inspired life, and what habits can I continue that are getting me closer to living my inspired life?
The second thing that should put on autopilot then is practicing a skill that will be needed in order to live out an Inspired Life. For example if I want to be an author, I better schedule time daily to practice writing. I should also find communities that would be willing to read my writing and provide me with feedback so that I can go back and make my writing better.

So ask yourself: what habit do I need to schedule in daily so that I’ll have the skills I need to live my Inspired Life?


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