Inspired Life: Step 2 – Start Scheduling Time to Hear and Do. 

After you have placed your order with the Universe on obtaining an Inspired Vision for living an Inspired Life,  you must that start scheduling time in your day for when you are going to start listening and watching for the answers.
So many times I’d hear someone pray, “Please, God, (fill in the prayer).” Then they would end with a quick, “amen,” and get busy about their day. Very rarely did I see people provide space and time for silence to listen for the answer. Also, many times I felt as though the prayers I heard people pray was for someone else to do the work. I have found, at least in my prayer life, that God/The Universe, shows ME what I can do about the request.
So another cautionary word of advice I’d give people who want to live an Inspired Life is get ready to do the Inspired Work that comes with it.