Inspired Life: Step One- Place Your Order

Now that you have your own inspired vision, or you found someone else’s to help bring to fruition, it is time to place your order. On one hand, the Universe would love to help assist you in making your inspired vision come true. On the other hand, as I am sure you already well know, it is not going to hand it to you on a silver platter – at least, not yet.

I truly believe the Universe has the whole plan of how to get your inspired vision to turn into an inspired life already done. But like a child just learning how to walk, it isn’t going to just set you on your feet right away and say, “run!” It’s going to give you one task, one action at a time. And like any good teacher, it is going to see how you do with that task. It will provide feedback – positive and corrective. And once you’ve mastered one skill, it will move you on towards another. And like putting together a giant puzzle, soon shapes and pictures and whole scenes will start to form.