7. Its All About What you Believe.
Around specific holidays there tends to be a stronger feeling of belief that there is a light and love in the world that can help us find and lead happy, productive lives, if we simply believe in that power of that truth.

Belief is a verb. It is an action. It means to hold, to think, to feel something as being true. It is something we do, rather than something we wait for. And like physical, mental, and emotional health, I have found that being proactive, developing daily habits and actions that promote overall welling being, is much easier than being retroactive, trying to correct a problem once it has gotten to its breaking point.


Similar to subjects in school, believe and positive thinking seems to come more naturally to some rather than others. But like subjects in school, just because it may not be a strength, doesn’t mean it can’t be changed. It may require more practice and more time to master and to make it a strength, but it can be done. So the question then becomes what do you want to believe? Do you want to believe that the world contains evil that is constantly trying to break you down, or do you want to believe the world is benevolent and abundant,  like a parent raising a child that is trying to do everything to help support you in trying to make your dreams come true? Both are beliefs. Both are relationships and how we see and interact with the world. And like any relationship, you get out what you put in. Anything in this world worth keeping takes time, dedication, and care, which will make it the best experience possible.  Another question to ask then is, how much time are you willing to put in towards practicing seeing the world in a positive, protective, loving way? The more time you put into a positive, proactive practice, the more you will start seeing that truth reflect in your life.  Yet, with that said, I have heard some people state that they feel as though they are trying to see the world this way, but for some reason they simply can’t.  If that is the case for you, find someone you admire who has passion and a positive attitude. Be around them as much as possible, and help them reach their dream until you can find your own. If anything, their attitude will be infectious and start causing you to dare dreaming daily.