6. Dream Daily

After you start the daily habit of morning mediation, the next habit to form would be daring to dream daily.

Just as Netflix uses a complex, learning algorithm to predict what types of shows may be of interest to you, the Universe is picking out and sending experiences to you based upon the energy you are currently choosing to put out into the universe through your thoughts and feelings. If you are sending out thoughts of confusion, than that is what the Universe is sending back to you. So dream big daily. Don’t worry about the hows, just thank the Universe for the when. At first dreams may start to pop up in media opportunities that reflect back the type of life you are hoping to live.  Messages may pop up in music reflecting the feelings you are hoping to feel. Then the Universe may start sending you people and resources and opportunities to start making your dreams happen. Notice those last six words I said: to start making your dreams happen. The Universe is energy. We are the hands and feet of God. The Universe can send us the ideas and vision, but as you will see in the next several steps, making those dreams and visions happen, is ultimately up to us.