Inspired Vision

Step 5. Make Morning Mediation a Habit

When some people hear the word meditation, I think they believe it is just sitting in a quite room trying to empty your mind. This can be the case for some people, but not for all.
If you actually look up the definition for meditation, is simply means the practice of thinking and reflecting. This can be done in a quite, dark room, but it can also be done while completing a daily run or during any other hobby a person may have that that gets them “in the zone.”
One of the best things I did during my morning mediation was to make it specific and strategic. When I meditate I…

1. Bring a specific question or topic to the session.
For example: Should I work with this person? Should I pursue this opportunity? Should I…(fill in the blank)

2. Then I think about the pros and the cons.

3. As I am thinking about the pros and the cons, I pay attention to how I feel. Do I feel calm, excited, anxious, distressed? Which ever thoughts are the ones that make me feel excited, calm, and happy are the ones I try out in reality. Again, once I bring those actions into my daily reality, I keep paying attention to my feelings during the experiences.
Do I still have the same feelings or did they change once I actually experienced them? Paying attention to how I feel has helped me make better and better decisions of myself and others.