I have actually found the best way to defeat my shadows it to ask them what they want, and either give it to them, or explain why it is not in their best interest to have what they are requesting. I do this during meditation.
During meditation, I get in a comfortable position, close my eyes, and picture myself in a movie theatre watching myself  and having a conversation with my shadows.  I give the shadow I am talking to a shape, a face, and a name. I picture myself parenting it. Yelling at it, I have found, does nothing. It only makes the shadow worse. Being kind to it, patient with it, forgiving it, I have found turns it from a shadow into an ally.
This process often doesn’t work the first time. It takes time and dedication. And no matter how many times I clear away one shadow, another will pop up. Its much like brushing one’s teeth, they will get dirty again. There is no way to avoid it, but there is always a way to clean it up once it has happened. So just as we have developed daily physical grooming habits, so too do we need to develop daily mental and emotional grooming habits. If you do your daily emotional tooth brushing, then the skies in your consciousness will be more like partly cloudy rather than constantly creating a perfect storm.