Step Two for Getting an Inspired Vision:


For just as many times as you may have seen the magic in every moment as a child, there was probably someone telling you to…
“grow up!”
“stop day dreaming!”
“get real!”
“that’s not possible!”
And if you are at the point where you can’t see the magic waiting in every moment, you probably believed them.

Step two to getting an inspired vision is to forgive them, and yourself for believing them.

One mantra that has gotten me through a lot of though times during many negative interactions when it comes to relationship is, “people may not love you the way you want them to, but they love you the best way they know how.”

If someone never got positivity or love in their life? How can they be expected to give it?

Another tip that has helped me to forgive myself, and others, is that it is the person who is mentally and emotionally more mature that has to take the first step, which isn’t always determined by age, I have discovered. It is determined by the person who wishes to grow mentally and emotionally. With that said, I’ve come to learn the hard way that not everyone in your life is going to want to grow with you. Many people are perfectly find staying right where they are mentally and emotionally. Forgive them anyway. That is where the power of imagination can come in.