Travel Back in Time

At some point and time, you were a child whether you remember it or not. And if you have a hard time remembering, it may be wise to borrow someone’s children, or hang out on a playground for a while, and watch and observe how the children play. Young ones are constantly using their imagination—seeing not what is there, but rather, seeing wondrous worlds of what could be. One way to get an inspired vision is to travel back in time when every moment was magic just waiting to be explored.
In our town, there is a small lot where a gas station used to be. It is now an empty concrete space where weeds have pushed their way through countless cracks scattered throughout and thrived. A sharp, wire fencing guards this desolate lot forebodingly as a waring for people to stay out, even though there is a “for sale” sign just beyond the diamond patten that stands in front of it.
At one point I thought to myself, if I ever had enough money to buy that lot, I’d repave it, put in some benches and places to sit among groomed garden areas and buy one of those one-stop drive through coffee and ice-cream shop. I saw what could be, rather than what was, and that is the first step in getting an inspired vision. Start seeing what could be rather than what is. Start looking in the mirror and seeing what you could be, what your home could be, what your job could be, what your town could be, rather than what is. Practice every chance you get, or even just schedule it into your planner if needed at least once a day or week. Keep the language positive and uplifting. Save the worry about how to get there for later.