Checks and Balance:

When I first started studying current modern ways of looking at spiritually, I often heard, “get into your right mind.” After meditating upon this idea, I did find that is where love and peace can be found. I have come to realize, however, that there is more to life than just love and peace. There is balance, for without the darkness there can be no light.        And so, as I spiritually mature, I learn to become comfortable in uncomfortable moments.   And, just as the United States government has a checks and balance system, so does my body.

My gut, it seems, lives in the “now.” It gives instructions to my brain on what it needs to survive, NOW! It is selfish in a way that is also protective.
My heart lives in emotions. It gives instructions to my brain on how interacting with the physical world, and it’s varied experiences, makes me feel.

My mind is split; it can never agree. The left half listens to the gut and takes in all sensory data . It then analyzes that data and develops an algorithm, so to speak, to help sort it into categories. Once it is done, it spits out a report of likely outcomes and advices me as to which one would have the most favorable outcome.

The other half of my brain’s simply takes sensory information and sorts it into two categories:
“I liked that! Let’s do it again! ”
“I didn’t like that! Don’t do that again!”
It also dreams of new, pleasurable experiences it can give its body host.

The key to balance, and happiness, I have found is to take the time to listen to both sides. I often do this during mediation. Then, after fully listening to each, I make a verdict. Often, I dare to dream, but I am not stupid in doing so. A little planning, with a lot of room for flexibility goes a long way when it comes to getting an inspired vision and living an inspired life.