Author’s Note: Currently I am using As I See it as a preview page for my next book I am calling Inspired Vision; Inspired Life.  All rights reserved, feed back welcome and appreciated! 🙂

We all have it. A craving, a hunger, an internal knowledge that there must be something more to this life than simply waking, working, vegging, going to sleep, and then repeating the whole process over and over until we die.
For most of us it doesn’t really hit until we reach mid-life. Yep, good, old mid-life crisis. When we were younger this craving and hunger seemed to become satisfied with earning the milestones of adulthood: being able to drive, being able to drink, leaving home for the first time, going to school, finding something to get married to —a partner or a career or both. Having kids, or getting pets that we treat like kids, or both. Exploring the world, or choosing choosing to settle down. But somewhere along the way, it seems as if one of two things happen: One, we settled down too soon and feel trapped by life path we choose. Somewhere along the line we started living so much for others that we forgot to keep living for ourselves.

Two, we simply became bored with the world. Then it seemed as if the ability of being able to see and long for further aspirations seems to start slowing dying, for what future aspirations are left? And the ones that we obtained seem ordinary and common place, and perhaps after years of possessing them, they are becoming worn and broken apart all of which could lead to depression and lackluster for life. And yet somewhere with in us lies a coal still warm, still hot buried under piles of ashen dreams gone by. And somewhere within you know know, that this single coal could still produce a flame, if only it was given the right fuel and a little bit of breath it make it ignite!