Author’s Note:  I use this blog, As I See It, to post daily think about that I place into poetry form, but also to preview writing that I am currently working on.  For the next – who knows how long – I will be previewing writing.


When an author is in-between books, their thoughts can be disjointed. What do I want to write about now? often comes to mind. That is where I was. Many times I can let my own fascination with the world, and my own learning, get in the way of a message that could truly reach and touch many more people, other than myself. I started thinking about the unfolding of the universe, as I have come to understand it, and begin writing about that. Then I realized that would not resonate with most people. So I then asked myself, what would? I don’t just want to write for myself, but I want to write to help others. After much time sitting, contemplating, and asking myself questions, I came across an idea. A sequel, if you will, to my first book Heaven Under Construction, which to be honest, was written for me, my healing. Yet at the same time, I felt as though others could learn from my journey. This book Inspired Vision; Inspired Life is for others who have moved past their own traumas, fears, and shadows and who are ready to see their own Inspired Vision and go after their own Inspired Life!