Thought Number Two
Spirit AND Flesh

Einstein said,
in his paper,
“The Problem of Space,
Ether, and The Filed in Physics…”

that concepts (ideas and energy)
can only acquire content (matter)
when they are connected.
We need BOTH – spirit and flesh.

In the past I used to think that Spirit
was more “holy” than flesh
due to quotes such as
the spirit indeed is willing,
but the flesh is week.

It turns out that is only
one belief, one way to think.
We have a choice
on how we see things.

Another way to see it
is that we need both Spirit (the experience),
and Flesh (a physical way to experience something)
in order to understand and give value to things;

a value which is given
based upon the feelings created
based upon the experience
we had.


Einstein, Albert. “Part V: Contributions to Science (The Problem of Space, Ether, and the Field in Physics).” Ideas and Opinions. New York: Crown, 1954. 277. Print.

Matthew 26:41King James Version (KJV)