June 12th

Magical Moments

Christmas over
gnomes in the home
magic gone…
or is it?

A decision made
no special day
is needed
to make the day

Every morn
for a year
my child will awake
to find toys
moved about
and give him something
to think about.

From exercise
to mental training
to simply how to be
a better person.

no special day is needed
to make
magical moments.

It’s June
and we’re still

06 12 2017 AISI

Author’s Note: For those of you who do (or do not know) I run another web site entitled Jedi Pup .  It was started simply for my sons, whether anyone else read it or not did not matter to me.  However, it does have two Word Press followers and about 40 people a day check it out on Facebook.   Not all the “Jedi Order” who are in training are Jedi.  Super Girl has recently gone rogue to start her own missions. She will do good deeds outside the home and write letters to Kai (my eight-year old son) about where she is and what she is doing. It is my hope that in the future (November 2017) I will send all the Jedi out into the world with the help of anyone who wants to be a part of their next magical adventure.