June 2nd

Formal ceremony practice.
Students rise in unison.

Lunch bell rings
hundreds of students
stamped outside.

One last time
frolicking with friends
before their junior high career
comes to and end.

Some teachers ensure that no student
eats lunch alone.

End of year video
around a screen gathered
electronic dance music overhead
is drown out by nervous,
but excited chatter.

Final bell rings.
Tears shed.
Goodbyes said…
to friends who will be heading off
to different schools
as well as
to teachers…

…who cart wheel behind
busses as they pull out
for the last time
until next August
when the first bell
will ring
once more.

Author’s Notes on the Topic: 

I learned very early on in my career NOT to ask, nor talk about, the end of the school year (or any long vacation period) with students.  While many were pleased at the up and coming break, just as many displayed signs of anxiety and worry.

You see, the school setting for them is the most stable, reliable environment.

I believe that is why many schools now offer summer school.

6 2 2017 AISI top pic