May 9th

Awakened in
the middle of the night
my youngest son is sick,

This seems to happen
every few months,
not necessarily because
he has caught a bug,
but because his body
wants to purge.

I tell him,
“at least you will now be clean…
you will carry
no more shit
inside of you.”

While I await
the next round of purging,
I spend my time finding
messages of
and share the light
on social media.

In the past I would have been anxious
regarding lack of sleep,
but nowI am calm,
at peace.

And I pray
my son
will soon be too.

P.S –  Did you know that tomorrow will be a Super Full Moon?  That means the moon will appear 16% larger than normal, which causes higher tides.  In physical and spiritual terms, this means that what we’ve been building/ placing into our subconscious (the autopilots of our thinking and behaving) will be illuminated a bit more today and tomorrow.  Hopefully you’ve been taking in some good stuff, if not, it will surface and be purged for you.  That’s why some people may feel sick (head aches, body aches, mood swings), be unable to sleep, etc. I must have been taking in a lot of good stuff because all I found were awesome positive messages!