April 28th

Getting ready for work,
listening to
Solsbury Hill.

John 2
makes sense.

Water is The Spirit.
Wine is the flesh,
so to turning water into wine
is to turn Spirit into flesh.

On the third day of the wedding,
which may represent the resurrection,
Jesus asks his mother,
“why do you involve me?
My hour has not yet come?”

Yet near by stood six stone jars,
the number of man,
for he was made on the sixth day,
empty jars made of clay,
the kind used in ceremonial washing.
“Fill the jars (bodies) with water (Spirit).

“Now draw some out and take it to the master (God).”
whom replied,
“Everyone brings out the choice wine first,
but you have saved the best for now.”

Now, the flesh has been filled
with the living Spirit.

“Son, he said, grab your things
I’ve come to take you home.”