April 12th

Nature to me
has two faces:

The sun,
is Christ consciousness.

The clouds,
Mother Mary,
Sacred Virgin Spirit,
Fierce Cherubim Warriors,
dependent upon
their feel.

When the warriors come,
they put us to sleep
and cause our subconscious to boil
from hidden depths they surface
like garbage floating in an ocean.

The purpose?
To let us know what we’ve buried
that no longer serves us
or those around us.
Depression and/or anxiety
often are its accompaniment.

Some believe Passover only happened
thousands of years ago,
I contend it’s still happening today
many times over
as I look out the window and wonder
where did the sun go?

4 13 2017 AISI bottom pic


The time of harvest.

Freedom from slavery.

The Time of Our Freedom.