Author’s Notes:  I hesitate to write about such a topic.  Not because I am afraid of it, but because it has become such a hot issue in society in general.   To be honest, I never gave it a thought before cancer. But after many things that make me a woman were taken away, I think about it a lot.   My first spiritual teachings taught me the importance of gender roles, and how they keep balance. At first I wrestled with this, but the older I get, there is some truth to this.  Society teaches me that men and women and…whatever… can be anything.  There is truth in this too.  I guess it’s like everything else I’ve been learning about over the past six years: we live in a world of juxtaposition – where two seemingly opposite things can co-exist in the same time and space.  We see these as clashing, but they don’t have to be. Find the balance that works for you.

March 23rd

My first spiritual teaching
was about
gender roles,
which I wrestled with.

Having been born
in the seventies,
and raised in
current times…

I was taught
men and women
could be

And yet,
the older I get,
the more I experience,
I wonder…

Are men
and women

gender roles

The many mes

I’m trying to decide to be

post cancer.