March 21st

For the past five years,
I’ve been letting go,
I’ve been dying to myself,
my ego.

Like a lobster
that’s outgrown it’s shell,
it is not an easy,
or a comfortable process.

as I dye to myself,
I am more open to
the Universe.

not just with human beings,
but with everything
thought heart and mind,
not speech.

In morning meditations
I am greeted.
We then enter into prayer.
Hoka Hey, I am blessed.

I step back out again.

3 21 2017

For the Anishinabi,

their hair is sacred.

Connecting them to their ancestors,

and brining them closer to Earth.

For me,

I cut my hair in mourning.

All I have lost,

and yet celebrating,

all that I’ve gained:

A stronger spirit.