Author’s Note:  Many times, many of us feel an unbalance in the “force.”  Whether it be in our own lives or in that of the the lives around us.  I am not the only one who can restore balance.  We all can.

March 12th

I sensed an imbalance,
a turbulence
within the force.

I tired to help
alleviate anxiety
in the silence of the night
behind closed doors.

After the work
with words was done,
I spied a crane —
success and longevity,

Directly below
a herd of deer
who chase away fear
with gentleness.

Just up ahead a hawk
taking down its pray.
Fear alleviated.
Peace restored.

3 12 2017

It is sometimes difficult to capture images

the Universe shows me.

Especially at a stop light

at a distance

through a dirty car window.


That is a hawk on a wire

by the way.