Author’s Notes:  I don’t remember much about my teacher training.  That was over twenty years ago.  However this one line a professor got us to think about has always stuck with me, “don’t treat me like a child.”   I’ve been seeing some angry kids lately.  The tone adults have been using with them has left them so.  I am not saying the corrections to their behavior weren’t well deserved, however, I think the tone that many times get used with them may not be.

I am not stupid, nor naive.  I’ve been a teacher for twenty-some years, and I have raised two sons.  I know that a nice tone does not always get the desired behavior affect one wishes.  However, I think a sharp, corrective tone should be saved as a last resort, rather than a first.  No matter how often or difficult it becomes with children who constantly need redirecting.  After all, are we not supposed to be the adults?

March 3rd

Tones told
in their wake
create a bit of resentment
and heartache.

I see their face:
after they’ve been put into their place.

Do not let them wander
all alone,
but please use with them
a more gentle tone.

For I hear you say,
“don’t treat me alike a child!”
after your boundaries have been

So please,
from your voice erase
anything that would to