Author’s note:

I think this poem came from the fact that ever since having cancer, my energy rhythms throughout the day has been drastically altered.  I often am awaken at three, sometimes even, at two in the morning.  This is when I go downstairs, sit at my dinning room table, and write.

I have found peace and comfort in these dark, quite, early morning hours that I carry with me throughout my day at work.  But when I get home, I am often tired and am ready to begin resting again until the next day.  This can, at times, leave a slight feeling of guilt that I have energy, peace, and patients for other people, and sometimes not have much for my own family.

My hope is that they remember my love languages: words of affirmation and service, which I have for them each morning before they wake up.

February 8th

remember me
ready and peaceful
as the breaking dawn.

Do not remember me
tired and worn
as evening is setting upon.
For I wish to reflect the day.

And when it has passed,
I set to rest
for the night.

Where I rebuild
and dream once more
the first morning’s light.

And if you must remember me
as the night draws near,
may I reflect the mysteries
hidden in the atmosphere.