06/29/2020 Energy Report

This has been one crazy kinda sad summer, but it doesn’t have to be! It seems as if the energy at the end of June is asking us what we want our July and time moving forward to look and feel like. Join me on today’s Jaunt with Jen as I talk about how reality reflects back to us the contrasts we seem to be choosing for ourselves and how we can choose another image if we don’t like the one we see. … More 06/29/2020 Energy Report

The Subconscious Shed and It’s Seven Layers

What is a Subconscious Shed and the seven layers that can be found within it? Join me today as I go over these explanations and images so that when we begin our journey across the Rainbow Bridge next week, we have some background knowledge to stand on as we begin to walk across from the physical realm into the metaphysical–the place where you could start making your dreams and desires come true. … More The Subconscious Shed and It’s Seven Layers